October 2013 Issue table of contents

"American Nobel" goes to Duke engineering alumnus and adjunct professor Blake S. Wilson and colleagues

New sculpture installed in the atrium of the FCIEMAS building is a celebration of the beauty of geometry

The center aims to increase research, training and education in women’s diseases

Entrepreneurship is a trademark of Duke Engineering. See how Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) faculty and grads translated digital microfluidics technology into a successful start-up

For 25 years, Duke Engineering has welcomed undergraduates to campus each summer as part of the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program.

Student-led program cultivates essential business skills to prepare Ph.D. grads for industry jobs

No other school in the nation was more successful in this highly competitive basic-research funding program

Engineers from Duke and the University of Missouri are developing a process to turn sewage into drinkable water, energy and useful byproducts